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dNmark - research alliance

(Dansk) Temamøde om nitrat i grundvandet

dNmark Alliance Scientist and Senior Scientist at GEUS, Birgitte Hansen, have won the Geology-price of Denmark 2016. In this conncetion two thematic meetings are held with the titel: Nitrate in ... Read more


New research on agriculture and drinking water protection

Researchers and stakeholders from the dNmark Research Alliance have a central role in two new EU Horizon 2020 projects on drinking water protection, and the related development and promotion of ... Read more

eat a beef steak

Meat Dogma Project article published in TES

Sandy Stiles Andersen and Morten Graversgaard, both from Aarhus Universitet, have published the article The Meat Dogma Project: Exploring Nitrogen Mitigation in Denmark in the journal TES (The ... Read more


Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Management of Nitrogen conference held successfully

From 26.-28.8 2017 was Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Management of Nitrogen conference at Aarhus University held. Approximately 130 participants from 27 different countries participated in ... Read more

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New leaflet about nitrogen

A new leaflet collects the most important facts about nitrogen. The leaflet is made in collaboration between scientists and agricultural organisations in the framework of the Research Alliance ... Read more


Nitrogen experts from all around the world gathered in Aarhus

More than 140 researchers and other nitrogen experts will gather at Aarhus University 25-30 June 2017 for the international conference on Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Management of ... Read more


Farmer’s motivation with regards to new landscape scale measures is important

Insight into farmer behavior, information about local conditions, research-based knowledge and appropriate policies must come together for successful implementation of landscape scale measures to ... Read more

At conference

Stakeholder workshop on future use of nitrogen

On 21 April, 15 stakeholders in the project of dNmark were gathered for an intense day at Koldkærgaard. The alliance participants received valuable feedback on 6 solution scenarios (in draft). ... Read more


Fact sheets og Research briefs now available

You can now read about the work that have been produced by the PhDs and the Post.docs in the dNmark Alliance For instance can you read about the Landscapemodel, farmers perception and use of ... Read more


PhD thesis defence on The Economic Value of Changes in Water Quality

Anne Kejser (IFRO) will defend her PhD thesis on: The Economic Value of Changes in Water Quality – Exploring Heterogeneity in Public Preferences in Stated Preference Studies. The defence ... Read more

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