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5 – Participatory planning

Research package 5 focuses on participatory planning.

Please see the video with project manager Irene Wiborg to learn more about research package 5 (in Danish).

More about the research package

The objective of research package 5 is to develop action plans for N-management based on a participatory planning process, which involves conducting planning with the involvement of a number of stakeholders. The main idea behind the participatory process or method is partly to create ownership of the action plans among stakeholders and partly to bring new ideas to light.

A scenario-workshop will be the basis for the development of the action plans. The workshop will involve all the different stakeholders including researchers, the food industry, municipalities, farmers’ unions and the agricultural advisory service.

The many ideas or scenarios from the workshop will during the process be reduced to a few specific ideas. Researchers will then calculate the effect of these ideas in terms of economy, landscape and environment. Afterwards, the ideas will be included in the specific N-action plans detailing how to achieve efficient N use in different types of catchments.

The participatory process, in which the action plans are prepared, will be documented and mapped by researchers through cognitive mapping. Afterwards the method might be further developed. The aim is to make use of the participatory process when preparing future action plans for N-management in other local areas on a national as well as international scale.

For more information, please contact the responsible for the research package, Irene Wiborg.

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