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Newly published article on Nitrogen footprint: Regional realities and options to reduce nitrogen loss to the environment

In 2015, researchers from the DNMARK research alliance participated in a nitrogen footprint workshop in Sapporo, Japan. The goal of the workshop was to bring together researchers working with nitrogen footprints, to explore knowledge gaps and possibilities for collaboration in the development of nitrogen footprints for reducing nitrogen losses to the environment. The results of the workshop are now published in the scientific journal AMBIO: http://rdcu.be/nm6d.
The paper presents a synthesis of 10 existing countries that have developed national nitrogen footprints. In addition, the authors present nitrogen footprint reduction strategies and knowledge gaps for future nitrogen footprint calculations. In the DNMARK research alliance, we are currently working with the development of the first Danish nitrogen footprint. The main purpose of this, is to use the footprint calculator to create awareness of how individual consumption and behaviors are affecting the nitrogen footprint and in the end, the environment. The Danish nitrogen footprint will be presented in 2017 in connection with the DNMARK solution scenarios for a more sustainable nitrogen management.

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