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Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Management of Nitrogen conference held successfully

From 26.-28.8 2017 was Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Management of Nitrogen conference at Aarhus University held. Approximately 130 participants from 27 different countries participated in the academic and in-depth sessions about nitrogen with the following topics:

  1. New technologies for improved N management for more efficient food chains
  2. Local solutions and planning, on scales such as watersheds, landscapes, communities and farming systems. This session also considers issues of involvement and interactions with stakeholders
  3. Health impact challenges with regards to drinking water and air, as well as human and public health
  4. N abatement policies. The session will explore issues regarding costs, benefits, instruments, conflicts and legal aspects of nitrogen regulation.
  5. Sustainable consumption and N effects, including meat consumption, production effects, footprints, and normative regulation.
  6. N monitoring for emission estimation and trends assessment.

On August 28 were a great portion of the participants out on an excursion with a visit to the new high-tech public waterwork in Truelsbjeeg, the Aarhus University section in Foulum and a biogas plant. The lunch was a sustainable menu with  a nitrogen-reduced footprint.

See the presentations from the conference here (will be updated)

Find Conference proceedings her

Project head Professor Tommy Dalgaard welcomed and was the host throughout the conference

Niels Christian Nielsen, Dean of Science & Technology started the conference with a introductive prensentation about Aarhus University with focus on interfaces to reserach on nitrogen.

Attention is drawn to one of the nearly 60 presentations.

Group picture with some of the many participants.

See more pictures at the conference homepage

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