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dNmark - research alliance
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Case study on farmer perceptions and use of organic waste products as fertilisers

Processing of organic waste can improve its nutrient availability and content, and thereby increases the agricultural value of the waste when used as fertilisers, while contributing to a more ... Read more


New evaluation of the Danish water councils is published – prospects for future stakeholder engagement

The Danish water councils are going to be re-established in 2017 after almost two years. In a newly published article, the 2014 water councils are evaluated. The water councils was an overall ... Read more

N-foot badabing

Newly published article on Nitrogen footprint: Regional realities and options to reduce nitrogen loss to the environment

In 2015, researchers from the DNMARK research alliance participated in a nitrogen footprint workshop in Sapporo, Japan. The goal of the workshop was to bring together researchers working with ... Read more


European data need improvement for the assessment of regional nitrogen balances

Spatially detailed information on nitrogen (N) budgets is relevant to identify regions where N pollution needs to be reduced. However, consistent reliable data are generally lacking. Therefore ... Read more


Targeted regulation of nitrogen works

During the International Nitrogen Conference, Berit Hasler from The DNMARK research component 3 presented the TargetEconN model system, calibrated for the catchments to the Danish fjord ... Read more

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PhD defence about Drinking water quality and health

Wednesday, 16. November 2016, 1 PM, Jörg Schullehner will defend his PhD project on “Drinking water quality and health”. I takes place in in the Jeppe Vontillius Auditorium, Søauditorierne ... Read more


Scientists develop solutions with local citizens

Read the article about the work of the dNmark-alliance, which was published in the Danish popular science journal Teknik & Miljø no. 10 in the shape of an interview with Tommy Dalgaard and ... Read more

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New demonstration site for measures in targeted regulation

The catchment around Hagens Møllebæk north of Skive, Denmark, is a demonstration site, where measurements and mapping assist the designation of areas where the measures will most effective. One ... Read more

Jørgen E. Olesen

Gode løsninger skabes sammen

Læs Jørgen E. Olesen debatindlæg i LandbrugsAvisen d.23 september som bl.a. omhandler hvordan lokalt samarbejde kan styrke udfordringer med afstrømning og implementering af miljøtiltag i de ... Read more


Ny type rådgiver skal bringe landmænd i vandoplande sammen

Anders Lehnhardt er Danmarks første oplandskonsulent. Hans job er at bevæge sig på tværs af matriklerne og bringe landmænd i vandoplande sammen for at lave fælles løsninger. Anders ... Read more

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