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Meat Dogma Project artikel udgivet i TES

Sandy Stiles Andersen og Morten Graversgaard, begge fra Aarhus Universitet, har fået artiklen The Meat Dogma Project: Exploring Nitrogen Mitigation in Denmark udgivet i tidsskriftet TES (The Journal of Transdiciplinary Environmental Studies) vol 16, no. 1, 2017.


Reduction of meat consumption in the modern West is often stymied by a meat-dominated tradition. While many people today are aware of the importance of reducing our carbon footprint, far fewer understand the harmful effects of nitrogen (N) pollution, or how large an impact the production and consumption of meat has in this issue. Publication of relevant studies, strategies and discussions is needed. Our research analyzes both methodologies and social themes which are pertinent for developing custom-based strategies aimed at reducing the current level of meat usage in Denmark, a country with a high production meat industry and heavy meat consumption per capita. Along with our qualitative research, we are utilizing quantitative calculations of N-Footprint size in terms of food consumption. We conclude by discussing certain strategies.

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