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The many faces of nitrogen (Danish audio, English subtitles)

Introduction to the many aspects of nitrogen. Video produced by the Horizon2020 project NitroPortugal. Scientific editing: Mark Sutton (Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, UK), Claudia Cordovil ... Read more


News for The International Nitrogen Initiative

News for The International Nitrogen Initiative Danish nitrogen research and results from the dNmark Research Alliance are emphasized in the newsletter from The International Nitrogen Initiative ... Read more

Nitrate in drinking water and colorectal cancer risk

Nitrate in drinking water may increase risk of colorectal cancer shows a new study based on a PhD study in The dNmark alliance. Individual nitrate exposure was calculated for 2.7 million adults ... Read more

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EU Water Framework Directive seminar

  Implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive include a host of challenges in relation to the achievement of the goals set in a cost-effective manner and in synergy with rural ... Read more


National dNmark meeting

The dNmark research alliance invites to a national nitrogen meeting December 14, 2017, in the Theodor Sorgenfrei Auditorium at GEUS, Øster Voldgade 10, 1350 København K. Here, key results from ... Read more

Nordic Council

New Nordic nitrogen report

A new report, published from The Nordic Council, provides recommendations on strategies and policy instruments to achieve cost effective abatement of reactive nitrogen from agriculture in the ... Read more


Are you an expert in nitrogen recovery technology?

The UN-ECE Task Force on Reactive Nitrogen is on the lookout for experts in nitrogen recovery technology. Loss of nitrogen to the environment is a problem. There is huge potential in developing ... Read more


Thematic meeting on nitrate in groundwater

dNmark Alliance Scientist and Senior Scientist at GEUS, Birgitte Hansen, have won the Geology-price of Denmark 2016. In this conncetion two thematic meetings are held with the titel: Nitrate in ... Read more


New research on agriculture and drinking water protection

Researchers and stakeholders from the dNmark Research Alliance have a central role in two new EU Horizon 2020 projects on drinking water protection, and the related development and promotion of ... Read more

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Meat Dogma Project article published in TES

Sandy Stiles Andersen and Morten Graversgaard, both from Aarhus Universitet, have published the article The Meat Dogma Project: Exploring Nitrogen Mitigation in Denmark in the journal TES (The ... Read more

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