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Department of Agroecology, Aarhus University

Department of Agroecology – Section: Agricultural Systems and Sustainability (AGRO)

Primary role in the project

In our department we are researching in the area of Agroecology and sustainable resource management.

The aim of the section is to research in how the sustainability of different farming and food systems can be improved considering the balance between production efficiency, environmental impact, land use etc. Focus is on biophysical aspects as well as socio-economic, organizational aspects and policy measures.

Particular focus is on tools for decision making at the farm-, landscape-, food chain- and community levels, including the development of methods for the scaling of information to farm-, regional-, national- and international level decision makers.

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Senior Scientist Tommy Dalgaard
Mail: tommy.dalgaard@agro.au.dk
Phone: +45 87157745, Mobil: +45 20706132
 tommy_dalgaard Project Manager

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