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dNmark - research alliance

Department of Culture and Society, Aarhus University

Primary role in the project

Department of Culture and Society is looking at the fact that a major factor on environmental impact, in the form of nitrogen-containing substances, is to reduce and reorganise production of meat, which in turn implies a lower consumption of meat products and a new sustainable food culture.

Horsens Municipality has through their Healthy City Programme, and in a joint effort with the largest meat producer in Denmark, Danish Crown, agreed to be a partner in the DNMARK alliance. Particularly, they will be focused on Sandy Andersen’s PhD project: ‘Cultural-anthropological Perspectives on the Culture of Food in the City of Horsens, with Special Regard to the Diminished Consumption of Meat Products; A Supplement to the Healthy City Program of Horsens’.

Sandy Andersen uses her theoretical background in cultural theory and philosophical anthropology to re-search the Danish meat consumption patterns, with corresponding analysis of:

  1. Events promoting dialogue and understanding between meat producers (farmers), slaughterhouses, retail and consumers in Horsens municipality
  2. Strategic initiatives to promote the integration of urban and rural areas in the municipality of Horsens
  3. Strategic initiatives to promote the interest in and understanding of sustainable food culture within quality meat products.

Furthermore, there is a communication dimension in the PhD project since part of the job is to get many different types of stakeholders to communicate and act in a new common framework across all of the usual channels of cooperation and communication.

The specific elements of the PhD project will be developed jointly by Horsens Healthy City, Chris Kjeldsen and Steen Brock.

Steen Brock will be supervisor and Chris Kjeldsen will be secondary supervisor of the PhD project.


Sandy Andersen
Mail: hissa@hum.au.dk
Phone: +45 28430001

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