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Arla Foods a.m.b.a.

Arla Foods is a global dairy company and a cooperative owned by dairy farmers in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Britain, Belgium and Luxembourg. Arla’s global objective “Closer to Nature” aims to ensure that our products are as natural as possible, and that both milk production on Arla’s farms and Arla’s own processes affect the environment and climate change as little as possible.

Primary contribution

Helps with experiences from calculations of climate gas emissions at farm level and disseminate knowledge about effective N use to Arla’s owners.

Other contributions to the project

Participate in networking, discussion of solution scenarios and annual project meetings.

Particular interest in relation to the pilot areas

We are particularly interested in participating in the work of the pilot areas in the Limfjord and Varde area.


Project Manager Hanne Bang Bligaard
Mail: Hanne.Bang.Bligaard@arlafoods.com
Phone: +45 89381799

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