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dNmark - research alliance

Department of Food and Resource Economy (DFRE), Copenhagen University

Primary role in the project

DFRE is involved in more parts of DNMARK, but the work primarily concerns research package 4, in which a PhD project will be carried out on water economy including profit assessment of better water quality to be included in assessments of possible areas with disproportionate costs of measures increasing the water quality.

Also included are assessments of a theoretical approach to the use of environmental and resource costs of water use.

The PhD project will include considerations concerning targeted regulation as proposed by The Commission on Nature and Agriculture, and other work undertaken by IFRO concerning financial benefits of targeted regulation.

Anne Kaiser Jensen is the PhD student working on this project. Her work is closely connected to research package 3 analysis concerning local involvement in measures reducing N loss.

Finally, IFRO participates in research package 4 with economic assessments of diet and changes in eating habits as well as reductions in i.a. food waste. The approach is national and thereby complements local analysis of food use made in Horsens. Senior Scientist Jørgen D. Jensen is responsible for this part of the project.


Senior Scientist Brian H. Jacobsen
Mail: brian@ifro.ku.dk
Phone: +45 35336873
Brian_Jacobsen Brian is project leader for DFRE’s contributions to the project and is involved as main supervisor together with Søren B. Olesen, DFRE, KU. Anne Kejser was employed 1 September 2013.

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Senior Scientist Jørgen Dejgaard Jensen
Mail: jorgen@ifro.ku.dk
Phone: +45 35336859
Joergen_Dejgaard_Jensen Jørgen Dejgaard Jensen is Senior Scientist focusing on food marketing, including the establishment of food waste.

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