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RC 3

Management strategies – Implementation of N reduction measures by use of policy instruments

Project description

In RC3 focus is on farmer cooperation on implementation of N reduction measures such as wetlands, afforestation and permanent grasslands. Spatial location of such measures is important for obtaining N reduction in the recipient cost effectively. One source of the spatial heterogeneity is the natural water retention which retains nitrogen in groundwater, streams and lakes. The N mitigation costs also vary between fields and farms due to spatial clustering of production characteristics, such as crop types and livestock capacity. Implementation of N reduction measures is often of great expense for the individual farmer and voluntary agreements is therefore not enough to obtain the environmental targets for the aquatic environment. From an economic perspective it is therefore of importance to investigate how farmers can be motivated to implement N reduction measures in the most cost efficient way.

In RC3 the objective is to analyse how the most cost effective allocation of N reduction measures can be obtained. We apply the models to the Limfjorden catchment. We set up a modelling framework simulating farmer cooperation on implementation of N reduction measures assuming that farmers are profit maximizes. In the framework includes different farm types, arable and livestock farms, as well as different soil and N-retention characteristics to capture the conditions in the Limfjorden catchment. Furthermore, RC3 test model prediction in workshops with farmers in the case study area.

Line Block Hansen

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