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dNmark - research alliance

Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences (DPES), University of Copenhagen

Primary role in the project

From DPES the research groups of Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition are involved in research package 4 studying particularly critical N problems. Our research groups are focused on crop nutrient supply from mineral as well as organic fertilisers, and recycling of waste products and how this affects soil fertility and quality.

We are the main actors in subproject 4.1 on recycling of nitrogen in waste products from urban to rural areas and how this can be improved, e.g. using technologies such as composting, anaerobic digestion, thermal gasification, new wastewater technologies etc. We work in this and other projects with actors from the waste management sector (in DNMARK especially HedeDanmark and the association BGORJ). We also contribute to the synthesis of results in research package 6.

Link to website: www.plen.ku.dk/english


Lars Stoumann Jensen (Professor in Soil Fertility and Recycling of Manure and Organic Waste) is head of research package 4 and specifically of subproject 4.1, which is supervised together with Associate Professor Jakob Magid and Professor of Plant Nutrition Jan Kofod Schjørring.

The research in subproject 4.1 is performed by two postDocs, Dr Beatriz Gomez Muñoz and Dr. Sean Case , who will work consecutively for 18 month on the project (1.9.2013 – 30.8.2014 and 1.3.2015-2.9.2015).

Beatriz has a PhD degree (2011) from the University of Jaén, Spain. Her PhD project focused on fertilisation strategies in organic olive production, including composting and recycling organic waste from olive oil industry as fertiliser products.

Sean has a PhD degree (2013) from the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, UK and University of Edinburgh, Scotland. The focus of his PhD project was the effect of biochar application on nitrogen turnover and nitrous oxide emissions from agricultural land.


Professor Lars Stoumann Jensen
Mail: lsj@plen.ku.dk
Phone: +45 3533 3470 or +45 2122 2039
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