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Primary role in the project

Alterras primary role is related to the generation of disaggregated agricultural N budgets (RC1), comprising the following tasks:

– Developing a spatial model framework on N emissions using the existing INTEGRATOR model and extending the framework by including linkages to external changes in climate, land cover and land management.

– Constructing a spatially disaggregated agricultural N budget for Denmark for the period 1990-2010, using an adapted version of the INTEGRATOR model.

– Perform future predictions of the spatially disaggregated agricultural N budged for the period 2010-2030 for future changes in climate, land cover and land management in response to different scenarios

Additional contribution

The additional role of Alterra is related to assist in the generation of the national N budget terms from agriculture, while focusing on forest, semi- natural regions, ground water and surface water.


Prof. dr. Wim de Vries

Mail: wim.devries@wur.nl

Phone: +31 317 486

Billede Wim de Vries Wim de Vries is a principal research scientist at Alterra, Wageningen UR in the field of soil chemistry with special reference to soil acidification, nutrient cycling and heavy metal pollution. His specific expertise is related to the development and application of soil models at various regional scales (local, national, European). Wim de Vries is also professor at the Environmental Systems Analysis Group of Wageningen University where he holds the chair “Integrated nitrogen impact modelling”. His research is organized around impacts of the elevated use of nitrogen in agriculture, in combination with climate change on ecosystem services.
Dr. Hans Kros

Mail: hans.kros@wur.nl

Phone: +31 317 486

Billede Hans Kros Hans Kros is a principal research scientist in the field of soil chemistry and nutrient cycling in non –agricultural systems. He has more than 20 years’ experience with biogeochemical modelling at different spatial scales ranging from plot scale to the European scale. He participated in several European projects regarding nitrogen, carbon and greenhouse gasses. He holds an MSc in soil fertility and plant nutrition of Wageningen University, The Netherlands and a PhD in biogeochemical modelling at various spatial scales.

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