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Facts about N

Nitrogen (N) is necessary to maintain a sustainable food and biomass production. At the same time agricul-ture is the main source of nitrogen loss to the surroundings and optimum use of nitrogen is of great im-portance to the economy,

nature, public health and the environment.

In the EU, costs for nitrogen pollution from urban and rural areas are estimated to 1,000-5,000 DKK per capita annually. However, Danish agricultural restrictions on the use of nitrogen cost hundreds of millions of DKK in reduced food production.

Please see the video with Professor Lars Stoumann and learn more about the nitrogen challenge (in Danish):

Below, Professor Lars Stoumann explains, in a relatively short lecture, about some of the most important aspects of nitrogen (in Danish). The lecture lasts for 25 minutes and is aimed at those looking for deeper but under-standable information about nitrogen. The lecture was held at the kick-off meeting of the alliance in spring 2013.

The development of N utilization in Danish agriculture

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