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dNmark - research alliance

Department of Bioscience, Aarhus University

Primary role in the project

Department of Bioscience is taking measurements and collecting data of water flow, nitrogen concentrations and transport in streams.

Nationwide model data about the load of recipients with nitrogen from the NOVANA program.

Nationwide field block data on agricultural nitrogen inputs, outputs and surplus.

Additional contribution

Publishing services nationally and internationally.

Special interest in the pilot areas

Measurements of water flow and nitrogen in the pilot area by Skive Fjord – Hagens Møllebæk.


Professor Brian Kronvang

Mail: bkr@dmu.dk

Phone: +45 20833413

 brian_kronvang Knowledge of nitrogen transport, sources, movement and dynamics on catchment scale
Senior Scientist Hans E. Andersen

Mail: hea@dmu.dk

Phone: +45 87158768

 hans_e_andersen Knowledge of nitrogen in agriculture and catchment modeling
Professor Jens-Christian Svenning

Mail: svenning@bios.au.dk

Phone: +45 87156571

  Biodiversity studies


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