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dNmark - research alliance

Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management (DGRM), University of Copenhagen

Primary role in the project

DGRM’s research group for Spatial Change and Planning is involved in  research package 2 ,concerning landscape development under different N restriction strategies.
Our researchers work with scenarios of landscape development in a number of specific case areas scattered across Denmark and representing the structural variation in geology and agriculture.
In the scenario development there is a close collaboration with other research packages, especially work-package 3. We also contribute to the synthesis of results in research package 6.


Henrik Vejre (Professor with special assignments (MSA) in Multifunctional Landscapes) is leader of research package 2.
The research is carried out by post.doc and PhD Peter Stubkjær Andersen who has been working with the project since 1st of September 2013.Peter has a PhD (2013) from University of Copenhagen. His PhD project focused on multifunctional agricul-ture in multifunctional landscapes.


Professor Henrik Vejre
Phone: +45 35331819

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