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dNmark - research alliance

Department of Environmental Science (ENVS), Aarhus Universitet

Primary role in the project

Two groups from Department of Environmental Science participate in DNMARK.

Section of Atmospheric Processes (ATPRO) is working in DNMARK with population exposure to atmospheric emissions related to agricultural production. The work is based on existing expertise in air pollution exposure and corresponding expertise in the description of ammonia emissions with high spatial and temporal resolution. Exposure assessments will be analysed by Professor Torben Sigsgaard AU Health in close collaboration with Professor Carsten Petersen Brøcker CIRRAU (Centre for Register-based Research, Aarhus University) in terms of health effects of human exposure to emissions related to agricultural production.

Environmental economists from the section of Environmental social science are analysing the implementation and incentives for cost-effective regulation of nitrogen losses from agriculture. In work package 3 and in cooperation with the other parts of DNMARK, we work with economic modeling of potential measures to select the right models for implementation based on cost effectiveness, and we examine which measures to apply (subsidies, prices, rights and agreements) to motivate farmers to reduce nitrogen losses from production. Particularly, we focus on how to motivate them to cooperate about the measures. The contribution of the work package will in combination with the other parts of DNMARK contribute to the knowledge base for the development of a targeted retention-based regulation.

Additional contributions to the project

The environmental economic part of ENVS research in DNMARK is carried out in close collaboration with other relevant research initiatives in the area of nitrogen searching for regulation methods and methods for cost-effectiveness (eg. projects IMAGE (DSF), EU projects LIAISE and EPI-Water) and ecosystem services related to agriculture and nitrogen (projects ECOSYS, NOVA GRASS and MUMIHUS (DFS), EU projects OPENESS, Ecofinder and BASE and a project on Water resource accounting for the Ministry of the Environment). The research cooperation leads to synergies in the development of environmental regulation in agriculture.

Particular interest in relation to the pilot areas

The Environmental economists are particularly interested in working with the pilot area Limfjorden, where we compare economic data with geographical data from the catchment, incl. crop and livestock production, retention, etc. Besides model analysis, we will interview farmers about factors of motivation for improved utilisation of nitrogen in production and the potential or limitations of increased landowner cooperation in the area.


Professor and Section Manager Ole Hertel
Mail: oh@dmu.dk
Phone: +45 30183114
Ole_Hertel Exposure to atmospheric emissions, diversification of agriculture-related emissions.
Post Doc Robert Peel
Mail: rp@dmu.dk
Phone: +45 30183114
Post Doc Line Block Hansen
Mail: lbc@dmu.dk
Phone: +45 8715 8469
Line_Block_Hansen Environmental economic analysis, agricultural modeling, agent-based
modeling and control. Participating in work package RC3.
Professor Mette Termansen
Mail: mter@dmu.dk
Phone: +45 8715 8645
Mette_Termansen Environmental economic analysis, agent-based modeling, ecosystem
services. Participating in work package RC3.
Senior Scientist and Section Manager Berit Hasler
Mail: bh@dmu.dk
Phone: +45 8715 8637
Berit_Hasler Environmental economic analysis and agricultural modeling.
Work Package Leader for RC3.

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