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dNmark - research alliance

Research Components

The work in the alliance is divided into six different research areas also called research components.

Illustration showing the research components

Research Component 1: National Nitrogen Model

Research Component 2: Landscapes

Research Component 3: Economy and Incentives

Research Component 4: Studies of Nitrogen

Research Component 5: Participatory Planning

Research Component 6: Solution Scenarios

  • Research Component 4 provides basic knowledge for research component 1-3 and contributes to scenarios when/if new research elements from research component 4 are useful to include in these scenarios.
  • Research Component 1-3 – case studies model work component. These components form the basis for modeling scenarios.
  • Research Component 5 – a large part of the dialog with local stakeholders takes place in this component and so does the dialog with companies – research component 5 ensures that user ideas for sub-scenarios are heard. At the same time research component 5 is responsible for supporting communication from the other research components.
  • Research Component 6 – all scenarios are gathered in this component, and it also ensures that the strategy is followed and developed, and that everyone is involved eg in joint meetings and workshops.

The figure shows the most dominant relations between the research components (RC). (Please click on the figure to see a larger version)

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