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RC 4.6

Agricultural airborne N-Pollution, particle pollution and public health effects

Project description

Atmospheric particle pollution has significant implications for public health, especially in the immediate vicinity of sources. Airborne particulate matter (PM), in particular the fine fraction (PM2.5, particles < 2.5 μm in diameter), has been linked to a number of adverse health endpoints. Intensive farming in Denmark emits large amounts of gases that lead to the formation of secondary particles in the atmosphere, with those derived from agricultural ammonia emissions making a considerable contribution to ambient levels of PM2.5. Whilst it is suspected that the main PM health effects may relate to other types of particle, this remains unproven. The aim of this post-doc project is to investigate the impact of agricultural ammonia emissions on the health of the Danish population. This will be achieved by assessing exposure to ammonia and its derivatives using both simple distance-related proxies and calculations performed with advanced atmospheric chemistry-transport models. Epidemiological studies will then be performed, in which exposure data will be combined with data from health and other registers.

Robert George Peel
Billede_Robert Peel

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