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dNmark - research alliance


The Knowledge Centre for Agriculture P/S collects and processes the latest knowledge and technology in agriculture and disseminates to Danish farmers and gardeners, ensuring that they can produce world-class food products.

Primary role in the project

Bringing research knowledge into practical use. Bringing practical agronomic expertise into play to ensure a balance between production and environment.
Responsible for communication, including dialogue with companies and local actors.

Other contributions to the project

Establishing contact to agricultural stakeholders. Testing innovative solutions for optimisation of N efficiency.

Particular interest in relation to the pilot areas

We are particularly interested in participating in the work of the pilot areas by Limfjorden, Varde, Odsherred and Næstved.


Project Manager Irene Wiborg
Mail: iaw@vfl.dk
Phone: +45 87405449
Irene coordinates the work package on communication and participatory planning. She has a wide experience working to bring stakeholders together and finding solutions with respect to both production and environment.
Senior Consultant Leif Knudsen
Mail: lek@vfl.dk
Phone: +45 87405428
Leif contributes in the alliance with
agronomic knowledge of specific nutrients and environmental impact from the loss.
Consultant Kristoffer Piil
Mail: kpi@vfl.dk
Phone: +45 87405574
Kristoffer contributes in the alliance with knowledge about nitrogen.

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