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Knowledge Center for Pig Production

The Knowledge Center for Pig Production implements the development, testing and service jobs that create more value for Danish pig producers, to ensure the best methods to produce pigs in Denmark. The focus is to translate knowledge and technology into practice to ensure that the Danish pig producers have continuously international competitiveness. At the same time pig farming has to develop in a sustainable way. Furthermore, we focus on optimizing the business environment and improve the pig sector’s image through the setting of objectives and by contact and negotiation with regulators / authorities in strategic areas eg. animal welfare, the environment and animal health.

Primary role in the project

An environmentally sustainable Danish pig production is a key strategic competitive parameter. We contribute with knowledge on nitrogen cycling and nitrogen utilization in pig production including power and impact when environmental technologies such as the reduction of ammonia emissions are implemented in the pig industry.

Additional contribution

In addition, we provide quick dissemination of new knowledge because we are close to pig producers with direct and accessible news, information and services, and through close cooperation with crew advisors.
Special interests in relation to the pilot areas

An environmentally sustainable Danish pig production is a key strategic competitive parameter.


Senior Consultant Bent Ib Hansen
Mail: bih@lf.dk
Phone: +45 33394313
 Bent_Hansen Specialised in environmental laws. Is responsible for coordinating environmental policy in the livestock area, focusing on pig producers interests, including profes-sional dialogue with the authorities on matters which focus on the development of environmental technology and environmental policy making.
Senior Consultant Per Tybirk
Mail: pet@lf.dk
Phone: +45 87406361
Per_Tybirk Expert in feed evaluation including proper compound feed ingredients, amino acids, minerals and vitamins tailored to the pigs’ needs. On this basis, ensuring optimal feeding and feed efficiency. Is the pioneer of ensuring the continued decline of nitrogen excretion per. produced pig.

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