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Yara Denmark Fertilizer A/S

Yara is one of the pioneers in the fertilizer industry and today the company is the world’s largest producer of nitrogen-based fertilizers. Today almost half of the world’s population depends on commercial fertilizer to produce enough food. Yara sees modern and sustainable agriculture as part of the solution to reduce nutrient losses to the environment and reduce global warming. Yara produces N fertilizer with a Carbon Footprint guarantee less than 3.6 kg CO2 per kg N verified by DNV and we are striving to contribute to the optimal use of all plant nutrients.

Link to homepage: www.yara.com

Primary interests in the Alliance

We take part in the Alliance because we want to contribute to sustainable solutions and influencing the scenarios that scientists reckon on.

Potential contributions

We can provide data on the production and use of fertilizers in particular EU and Denmark in general. Yara is currently active in the HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan etc. We have developed and marketed Yara N Sensor and other practical methods for determining nitrogen requirements. We also want to introduce P Trap to reduce phosphorus loss in agriculture.

Special interest in pilot areas

We are interested in participating in the work of the pilot areas with a focus on optimal utilization of nitrogen including the use of methods to determine the optimal N supply.


Kommercial Agronomist Jesper Juul Ulnitz
Mail: jesper.juul.ulnitz@yara.com
Phone: +45 50753360
Project Manager Mogens Nielsen
Mail: mogens.nielsen@yara.com
Phone: +45 40550324

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